The alfalfa carry cot or basketry is well known everywhere.

There is an other practical line, used as carry wood for fireplaces at home.

In general, that kind of baskets has several uses : at home, in the garden and the marketplace.

We use ALFALFA material to produce several decoration items too.


PALMITO or WILDE SHORT PALM is a natural Wilde GRASS growing on the Moroccan mountains ONLY.

PALMITO Baskets are the most useful and adaptable BAGS in the world.

They are used at home (Kitchen, saloons, garden, ... ), for going to the beach, for picnicking, for shopping, and for several decoration needs.


PALMITO is used also to produce different kinds of RUSTIC furniture.

Braided or not braided, PALMITO is usually mixed with EUCALYPTUS wood (also with other Moroccan woods) to produce FURNITURE items, for several uses : Home, Garden, Offices, Beach, .....

Classical TABOURET (EUCALYPTUS wood with the BRAIDED PALMITO seat) is the most universal well known stool and the most useful the traditional furniture in the world.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is ideal for decoration or for daily use.