ARTE FINO SL is specialized in basketwork products (Basketry), and produce All items under the Moroccan Brandname "AMAL LINKS".
The work of ARTE FINO SL consists in transforming all kinds of vegetable materials ( moroccan local materials exclusively & only), such as : Dwarf palm,

Wicker, Jonc, Massettes, Reed, Palm leaves, Straw, alfalfa, Esparto, Moroccan Ratan, Crin vegetal, Eucalyptus wood, Laurier wood, cedar wood, Other woods, …… 

ARTE FINO SL sells Biological and Nature-Friendly products only, as home Useful and Decorative accessories.

ARTE FINO SLcatalogue history shows different types of basketwork products and items. Examples may be :

- Shopping baskets

- Bags

- Baby baskets

- Chairs

- Arm chairs

- Libraries

- Tables

- Beds

- Lamps

- Hats

- Waste baskets

- Fire wood baskets

- Beach bags

- Shopping bags

- Stools

- Several different bags

- Customized baskets & bags

- Carpets

- Relaxes

- Indoor furniture

- Outdoor furniture

- Garden accessories

- Napkins

- Accessories

- Mirors from esparto

- Animal heads

- Lanterns


ARTE FINO SL is big enough to meet the needs of all Customers, while strictly respecting the desired forms, measurements and designs of everyone.

ARTE FINO SL, uses conveniently the strong far-reaching infrastructure of AMAL LINKS in Morocco.

ARTE FINO SL,is active in all Moroccan regions whose main activity is basketwork (using AMAL LINKS production Bases) :

- Atlas Mountains

- Rif Mountains

- Loukous region

- El Gharb region

- Saïs region

- Abda region

- Doukaka region

- Chaouia region

- Souss region

- Layoune region

- Dakhka region

- Several places in the big Moroccan Sahara.

ARTE FINO SL,in association with AMAL LINKS, do participate actively in different professional international exhibitions in Europe , America , Asia and Oceania .